Breaking Of The Glass

Breaking Of The Glass

This is the final ritual of the Jewish wedding ceremony.

The origins of breaking a glass at a wedding are unclear. Many cultures share the practice of breaking something, such as a plate, upon the confirmation of a contract. Some believe the noise made by the shattering of a glass or plate scares away evil spirits determined to mar the joyous occasion.

Many rabbis explain that the breaking of a glass reminds us that relationships are fragile and must be taken care of, lest the break. Since this is a matter of custom and not religious law, there are no rules guiding what should be broken. Many people choose a light bulb because it is easy to break and may make a louder noise. If you are using a glass, one made of thin material and with a short stem will be easier to break. In either case, whatever is broken should be well wrapped in a thick cloth napkin.

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Rabbi Shai

Rabbi Shai Specht-Sandler is a Jewish and Interfaith wedding and life cycle officiant, singer-songwriter, certified relationship and life coach, published author, educator and motivational speaker.

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