Jewish Wedding |Post Ceremony Customs

Post Wedding Ceremony Customs

After the wedding ceremony, the married couple retreat to a seclusion room and rejoin their guests for a festive meal.

Yihud – It is a Jewish tradition for the married couple to have some alone time
immediately following their wedding. Some couples stay in yihud for 18 minutes,
the numerical equivalent of the “Chai”, meaning life, and considered good luck.
Yihud provides a period of respite for the newly married couple, an interval of tranquility for them to enjoy together in total solitude amidst the turmoil of the wedding. It is customary for the two to have their first meal as husband and wife together in the yihud room. Both will have been fasting all day, and this food will be their first of the day.

It is important that the yihud room be prepared before the wedding. It should provide absolute privacy. It should also have food for a light repast for the couple.

Festive Wedding Meal – The wedding meal is a joyous feast, punctuated by lively Jewish wedding tunes and dancing. When the married couple leave the yihud room to enter the banquet hall during the wedding feast, they are greeted and raised up on chairs by their guests, as the assembled guests dance around them.

It is considered a great mitzvah, (obligatory acts of love for others), to cause the bride and groom to rejoice at their wedding.

Hora Dance – Usually danced to the Hava Nagila, this traditional Jewish
celebration dance is sure to get everyone up on the dance floor and get the party

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