Shalom Aleichem |Who Are The Angels?

Shalom Aleichem |Who Are The Angels?

Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman, a renowned kabbalist Rabbi (and my Master teacher) said:
“Not being aware of the angels presence in our lives is like having a billionaire uncle in califonia who died and left you millions of dollars. Unless you’re aware of that uncle, you’re never going to get that money…”

The word “angel” actually comes from the Greek word aggelos, which means “messenger.” The matching Hebrew word mal’akh has the same meaning.
Sometimes, the Bible uses these words for human beings:

• ordinary people who carry messages (Job 1:14)
• Prophets (Isaiah 42:19; Malachi 3:1)
• Priests (Malachi 2:7)

Sometimes, it speaks figuratively of things or events as “messengers:”

• The pillar of cloud (Exodus 14:19)
• Pestilence or plagues (2 Samuel 24:16-17)

But it usually describes the whole range of spirits whom God has created, including both good and evil angels, and special categories such as cherubim, seraphim, and the archangel.

Anyone of us is capable of being an angel when we become aware of the world around us. When we lend a helping hand, do acts of loving kindness, cheer someone up etc, we become angels. Similarly, we are also capable of connecting with our spiritual angels who protect and guide us.

Have you ever experienced an immense feeling of joy and serenity on a beautifully warm spring day? Your whole being is elated and when you look around the whole world seems to glow. You are experiencing the glorious touch of your guardian angel who is reminding you of the beauty of life and light.

Your gut feelings are often angels trying to convey a message to you. Angels can fly directly into the heart of the matter. They are never too distant to hear you. Friends are kisses blown to us by angels. In fact, anyone can be an angel. So find your passion, fight for the things you believe in, and offer your talents and wisdom to people who need them, because, we are all angels, whether we like it or not.

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