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Kabbalah Healing Meditation

In Kabbalah, names like symbols are believed to possess magical powers. There was even a ritualistic exercise that the early Kabbalists practiced called “putting on the names.”

These mystics actually clothed themselves in robes that were inscribed with all the sacred names of God. This costume was an external reminder of the power that these holy names contained.

While wrapped in this mystic gown, the Kabbalists would begin an undistracted meditation on God’s various holy names. This would eventually induce some kind of visionary experience, which provided answers to the mystic’s questions.

The ancient Kabbalists also stressed that the invocation of God’s names did not compel the Creator to respond to the will of the mystic who invoked the Divine Presence.

Even today’s Kabbalists believe that they can increase their power by chanting such sacred names. They identify with the centuries of power enfolded in the use of these holy names, confident that by reciting God’s names they will be connected to the all-powerful source of healing.

This sense of connection is also why prayer is so important in healing. It automatically connects you to a healing source of power. For your prayer to be effective, you must experience a deep, from the heart, connection with the Almighty when you pray.

Here is a story that illustrates the importance of calling upon God from the heart and soul rather than from the intellectual faculties.

There was a wealthy Jewish lady who lived along Park Avenue. This woman was well-educated and spoke French and a couple of other languages as well. She was in the hospital giving birth and was surrounded by two or three nurses.

The woman began to scream and call upon God in French. “Monsieur, I’m suffering.” She shouted. The startled nurse called the woman’s doctor, Dr. Schwartz.
The doctor asked the nurse what his patient was screaming about, because he didn’t understand French. When the nurse translated what she was saying, the doctor replied: “Let her scream.”

Two hours later the woman was screaming again. This time she was shouting “Jesus help me, help me.” Again the nurse called the doctor. He listened and said, “Let her scream.”

Several hours later the nurse was back on the phone with the doctor. “What is she screaming now?” he asked.”Shema Yisrael,” the nurse replied. “I’ll be right over,” the doctor said. He knew that this time the cry came straight from her heart – from her own spiritual tradition. The rest of her imploring was intellectual concepts that she had picked up along the way.

So if you want to draw power for your healing from the highest source, you must cry out from the heart. Your plea for help must come from the deepest and most authentic level of your soul.

Chanting one of God’s sacred names can also help you remove fear from your life. You are calling upon your partner who is always there to lend a hand. You are also acknowledging your awareness of your union with spirit, and that is almost certain to light up the darkness.

Kabbalists believe that by repeating God’s name, you are binding yourself to the spiritual world, and such binding opens a channel for Divine assistance. So do as the mystics do. Practice this closeness and oneness with God – called Yichud – and it will help to bring healing energy into your life.
Here is the exercise I would like you to try:


Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Do some breathing exercises (breath in deeply and then exhale slowly until there is no breath. Repeat this process several times).

Now, choose one of God’s holy names that you most resonate with. It may be Adonai, Adoshem, El, Yehovah, Ein Soph, or Rebono shel Olam – which translates into “Master of the Universe.”

Chant the name you have selected seven times. Chat it with gusto and with a loving and joyful heart. However, if you are not the chanting type, it is perfectly alright to repeat the name you selected during a silent meditation while imagining the force and power behind this name.

Bring all the emotion you can muster into the repetition of this name. Do so for eight minutes. This is the Kabbalistic number which symbolizes God’s name.

As you repeat the name, try to feel the presence of the Shekhinah (God’s female emanation) within. Receive the flow of divine energy. Now send that energy within you to places that may need healing and pain relief.

Next, take a few deep breaths, relax, and think of yourself as healed. Imagining that is a powerful affirmation of faith. I believe that by visualizing your prayer as one that has already been answered, you are taking action in an optimistic way.

You are affirming your faith and are preparing yourself to expect good results. From this point on simply be aware of improvements in your condition. Feel a sense of gratitude for the healing that you have been given from the Source of All Life. Say, “Ki Tov!” It is Good.

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