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You are not alone | Coping with anxiety

A tzaddik (pious person) was asked: “Why is it that a pious person seems less eager to persuade others to become virtuous than a wicked person is to gain companions in wickedness?” He replied: “A pious person walks in light and is not afraid to walk alone, whereas a wicked person walks in darkness and is anxious for company.”
We all have anxiety and feelings of darkness from time to time. When we stop for a moment and open our eyes, we realize that we are not alone – The Light is all around us. The “wicked” person inside of us wants to bring us down and saturates us with negative thoughts, feelings and “what if’s.” While our pious side gently tries to remind us that all we need to do is walk in the light…
So how can we walk in the light?

  • Live life with gratitude and don’t let the sun set today without seeing it, embracing it, and enjoying it.
  • Take the time necessary to get in touch with your soul’s desire for freedom and peace.
  • Every day, go out of your way to do something kind.
  • Connect with your Soul נשמה and enter a journey of total Healing, Harmony and Inner Peace.

To aliviate the anxiety, find the Light within and let it shine. You have all the tools and resources you need, what you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours. Embrace the light and shine it for the world to see. Reach out to family and friends and don’t be afriad/ embarrassed to seek the professional help of a counselor, life coach, Rabbi, Priest or other religious/spiritual leaders.

Psalm 139 is a beautiful Psalm meditating on the Boundlessness of Creator. Wherever we are, Creator is always with us – we are never alone. Meditate on this beautiful reflection (Source Unknown) when you need a “pick me up” during the day:

Reflection on Psalm 139
Father/Mother, you know me better than I could ever know myself.
You know in all truth what I have been, what I am, what I will become.
You know me when I love and when I’m selfish.
You know when I succeed and when I fail.
You know everything about me
And yet, Father/Mother, you love me more than I will ever know.
You don’t hold it against me that I fail, or am discouraged.
You try also to show me that I should not hold it against myself,
Because by doing so I will fail to love more.
You are forgiving and loving.
It is beyond my understanding.
I read your word and am inspired,
But then immediately I feel its poverty in my own life.
But Father/Mother, if I do try to escape you, really where can I go?
Deep down I never want to escape you, but at times I try.
Help me to realize that at these times you will support me,
You will send the light needed,
You will send your consolation through another,
You will send your strength and courage.

Creator, my Father/Mother, know my thoughts –
Guide me to you.
You know what I desire
Even though I don’t always move toward my goal

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