The Chuppah/Huppah

Meaning: The Chuppah (or huppah) is the bridal canopy
the couple stands under during the Jewish wedding ceremony.
It literally means “that which covers or floats above,”
and is said to be a spiritual place with a direct gateway to God.
As long as a Jewish marriage is performed
under a chuppah, the wedding can take place in any location,
from a synagogue to a beach to your own backyard.

Origin: The Chuppah is a symbol of the home (tent) of our biblical ancestors Sarah and Abraham, open on all sides so guests would know they were always welcome.

Personalize It: Chuppahs can be designed or decorated to reflect
your personal taste, match your wedding theme
or color palette, or honor loved ones.
You can have your wedding guests
contribute to a patchwork collage chuppah,
or use a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl)
or huppah that belongs to a beloved family member

The Ketubah

Meaning: The Ketubah is the Jewish marriage contract
that is signed before the wedding ceremony,
and literally means “writing” or “written”.

Personalize It: Ketubahs are a form of art,
so enjoy the process of finding a ketubah design
that reflects you and your fiancé’s personal style.
Whether it is traditional, modern, 3D,
Watercolor, Paper cut, or include a special or meaningful
photo, the possibilities are nearly endless.
You can also choose ketubah texts such as Orthodox,
Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Egalitarian,
Gender Neutral, Humanistic, Interfaith, or write your own ketubah text.

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