Rabbi Shai.
I want to thank you for officiating our wedding ceremony on October 13, 2012 in Las Vegas.
You made our guest cry and laugh with your beautiful words that were so heartfelt, touching and humorous.
Everybody was impressed by your singing and you contributed to make this day perfect for us!


Elmer & Julia Velasco, Chicago


Rabbi Shai’s unique blend of tradition, spirituality, and creativity brought so much to our wedding ceremony. His officiation was lovely and memorable, and we’ll always cherish how he helped create such a meaningful ceremony for us.

-Jennifer and Zach


Dear Rabbi Specht,

I wanted to thank you for performing such a beautiful ceremony on Sunday, August 14, 2011, for Robert and Anna. I am still basking in the afterglow of that lovely reception which started with your mystical and spiritual ceremony, and wise words.

You are very special and you have a special gift of transmitting love, peace,and harmony…and are a healing energy. You are young ( relative to me) but old in spirit and I sensed your intuitive wisdom the moment I shook your hand.

I notice that you made reference to the Kabbalah. I have been interested in Kabbalistic teachings for some time.

The bride’s mother made the Chuppah. She loves to make things and that was truly a labor of LOVE for her daughter and my son. As you were performing the ceremony I saw the glow of so much love emanating from around the chuppah.

You knew just the right words to say, and so many guests are still echoing your beautiful words “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.”

With gratitude,

Ann, mother of the groom


I was making over $200,000 a year as a Director of a company – and had achieved most of my career goals. But I was working way to hard, and wasn’t sure what I wanted anymore. Yet – letting go and starting something new felt VERY uncomfortable. After all, I’d gotten very used to being a Director, and very used to the salary! And – I didn’t really know where to start.

Rabbi Shai helped me to first find out what really ‘lit me up’. And then – gently and consistently – to let go of my old world, to stop striving so much, and to create an exciting new career from scratch! It’s hard to believe I’m now doing market research for my very own interior design business – and I’m loving it!

I thoroughly recommend Rabbi Shai’s life coaching to anyone ready for a new direction, but not sure either what that new direction is, or how to make it happen. Just go for it!

-Mary K. New York


Rabbi Shai helped me see that I don’t need to continue attracting dead-end relationships. I felt supported versus being frustrated and feeling as though I had no hope when it came to love. I appreciated Rabbi Shai’s compassion and his being down to earth and easy to talk to. It is like talking to your best friend. I will continue to meet with him. Thank you for the great service…..



When my spirits are down, I turn to Rabbi Shai Specht’s words to be uplifted again to the heights he teaches are ours, if only we know how to reach. Reb Shai also teaches us how to reach. His words are all the more powerful because he lives them as a holy and pure soul. He is generous with his time, his words, and his support. Reb Shai teaches Judaism in a way that opens our souls, and speaks to them. He is what Maimonides describes as a true rabbi: A Soul Doctor. He is a treasure of truth, wisdom and goodness.

-Rabbi Simcha Weinberg
The Foundation Stone™


I’ve been really impressed with both the quality of the teaching, and the experience my daughter is having. She is learning her Hebrew, becoming acquainted with the Torah, learning about the practice of Jewish rituals and holidays, and being thoughtful about what she’s learning. And a big bonus is that she looks forward to her beit Midrash each week. It’s been a wonderful experience for all of us these last three years!

– Diana Silverman.


Rabbi Shai embodies a unique combination of deep knowledge of practical and mystical Judaism with a profound understanding of the body/soul and its transformational capacity. His healing presence, practice, teaching and performance of ritual and ceremony are both Enlightening and inspiring.

– Jeff Sandberg.


Last year when my best friend was dying and then died, Rabbi Shai was the most wonderfully supportive person. He responded immediately to my request for information to pass along to my friend’s non-observant son for a funeral in the Jewish tradition. Additionally Rabbi Shai reviewed the manuscript of a parenting book I recently wrote and offered me good insights through several of the final drafts. Also he offers marvelous Kabbalah information online at various times. I am impressed with his breadth of knowledge on many topics Judaic and psychological. And most personally- if and when my son is getting married, Rabbi Shai will be the Rabbi I will have him contact for the ceremony. He’s a great person to know and hire for all these reasons.

-Lynn Dorman, Ph.D., J.D., CEO, Gray Wolf Productions


I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure of being involved with 2 different rabbinic groups with whom Rabbi Specht had also been involved. He is both a Rabbi and Educator with unique people talents and skills. I would recommend Rabbi Shai Specht with complete confidence!

-Rabbi Neil Brill, Rabbi, Jewish Child and Family Services