Vegas Bar Mitzvah
Can you Imagine a Bar/Bat Mitzvah that your child wants to participate in?

That’s the goal of the Alternative Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony!

There are other options for unaffiliated families who wish to celebrate their child’s becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  A Bar/Bat Mitzvah does not have to take place in a synagogue which may surprise many.  It can take place anywhere that there is a minyan (10 Jewish adults) present for public prayer and public reading of the Torah.  A synagogue is holy only as a place of worship, but not intrinsically so.

Preparation for a non-traditional Bar/Bat Mitzvah generally involves the Rabbi and or a tutor who is closer geographically and comes to the families’ homes to work with the child or children.  This is a convenient option for many families who find it difficult to transport their children to and from the synagogue two or three times per week. It also allows for greater scheduling flexibility wherein the tutor works with the student at a time that does not conflict with other activities and obligations.

While physical presence is ideal there are times that sessions over video chat (skype or google voice) is the best option. Rabbi Shai has prepared children who live in other states and plan on coming to Las Vegas for the ceremony. Rabbi Shai also travels around the world and brings the ceremony to you, wherever you are.

With many direct flights from nearly everywhere within the U.S. , and many affordable attractions for the whole family, Las Vegas is the ideal place to have a destination Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony. Not to mention a fun place to have the party!

Rabbi Shai taught in and ran various traditional and non traditional Hebrew schools throughout the years. This experience has enabled him to create a program that is engaging, effective, meaningful and suitable for the whole family.

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